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Term Dates

Term Dates 2022/23

Term 1


Inset:  Thursday 1st September

Inset:   Friday 2nd September

Start:    Monday 5th September

Finish:  Friday 21st October


Term 2


Start:     Monday 31st October

Finish:   Friday 16th December


Term 3


Inset: Tuesday 3rd January


Start:      Wednesday 4th January

Finish:    Friday 10th February


Term 4

Inset:  Monday 20th February


Start:    Tuesday 21st February

Finish:   Friday 31st March


Term 5


Start: Monday 17th April

Finish: Friday 26th May


Bank Holiday Monday 1st May


Term 6


Inset:  Monday 5th June

Start:   Tuesday 6th June

Finish:  Friday 21st July

Term Dates 2021/22

Term 1

Inset:  Wednesday 1st September

Inset:   Friday 22nd October

Start:    Thursday 2nd September

Finish:  Thursday 21st October


Term 2

Start:     Monday 1st November

Finish:   Friday 17th December


Term 3

Start:      Tuesday 4th January

Finish:    Friday 11th February


Term 4

Inset:  Monday 21st February

Start:    Tuesday 22nd February

Finish:   Friday 1st April


Term 5

Start: Tuesday 19th April

Finish: Friday 27th May

Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May


Term 6

Inset:  Monday 6th June

Inset:  Thursday 21st July

Queen's Bank Holiday: Friday 22nd July

Start:   Tuesday 7th June

Finish:   Wednesday 20th July

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