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Is my Child School Ready?

10 keys to unlocking school readiness

We have identified 10 important life skills which will prepare our children for starting school. These will help everyone understand what children developing typically for their age should be able to do by the time they start in reception class.


The 10 keys for unlocking school readiness are:


1. I can settle happily without my parent or carer
2. I can tell friends and grown-ups what I need
3. I can take turns and share when I am playing
4. I can go to the toilet on my own and wash my hands
5. I can put on my own coat and shoes and feed myself
6. I can tell a grown up if I am happy, sad or cross
7. I know that what I do and say can make others happy or unhappy
8. I am curious and want to learn and play
9. I can stop what I am doing, listen and follow simple instructions
10. I enjoy sharing books with grown-ups


If you have any concerns regarding your child's social skills, you are more than welcome to speak to any of our staff who will be happy to assist you.