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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

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Living Eggs Project

Students at St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School were treated to an incredible sight in Term 3 as they became home to nine chicks. The excitement began on Monday 29th January, when a batch of eggs was brought to the school, sparking curiosity and anticipation among both students and teachers.


By Thursday 1st February, the majority of the nine eggs had begun to crack open, revealing the new-born chicks. The classrooms buzzed with excitement as students witnessed the miracle of life unfold before them.


Throughout two week experience, the children actively participated in caring for the nine newly hatched chicks, learning valuable lessons of responsibility and compassion. Under the guidance of their teachers, they took turns feeding, watering, and gently handling the chicks, ensuring their well-being and fostering a sense of empathy towards the fragile creatures. These hands-on experiences not only deepened their scientific understanding of animal life cycles but also instilled important values of care and respect for all living beings.


After a successful rehoming process, the chicks have found their forever home with one of the school’s TAs, Miss Clifton.