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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

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Reflection and Prayer

Prayer and collective worship in our school may follow the pattern or variation of the pattern detailed below:


Gathering - how we come together, the setting, the environment (quiet/ reflective music, lighted candles, statues, sign of the cross, focus and examination of conscience etc.);


Word - a reading from the Scriptures, breaking the word, time to reflect on this and prayers to fit into the theme;


Action - a ritual movement that everyone can join in with that fits with the theme (gestures such as shaking hands, holding hands, lighting a candle, prayers, responses to prayers, etc.);


Mission - the sending out from the celebration, giving the children something to hold onto from the experience of the liturgy that they can take into their daily lives.

Our School Prayers

Reflection time focusses the children on prayer and how they should display their Christian and School values at all times. It is an opportunity for collective worship as well pupil led chaplaincy for our children as they mature.

Reflection Themes

Daily Reflection Time

Whole School Reflection Areas

Our whole school attendance percentage for week ending 17th March 2023 91.87% The break down in years is Year R - 90.16% Year 1 - 89.50% Year 2 - 90.65% Year 3 - 94.75% Year 4 - 94.14% Year 5 - 93.68% Year 6 - 91.96%