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KCSP Online Science Day 2024

Working together across the year groups, we took part in KCSP's Online Science Day, led by Tom Holloway from the Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT). All of the primary schools within our trust took part and we were able to join together to share what we discovered.


The EYFS and KS1 children had to investigate how to stop an apple from turning brown and in KS2, the children were tasked with finding out which was the best biscuit for dunking - across the year groups, the children had to use their scientific understanding, vocabulary and enquiry skills to reach their conclusions. The children then presented their results in a range of ways, including scientific drawings (EYFS and KS1), bar charts (LKS2) and line graphs (UKS2).


This day wouldn't have been possible without the kind donations of resources from our parents and also the Ursuline Secondary School, Thanet who kindly provided a range of equipment to enhance the experience for our children.