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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

'For every future, for every child'

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.




Mrs J Wright



Mrs D Rougvie-Fevrier

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs C Sellwood

Assistant Head, Raising Standards & Maths Leader

Mrs R Mitchell

Inclusion Manager & SENCo
Mrs Hazel Mora

Inclusion Manager & SENCo

(maternity cover)
Miss A Usmar EYFS & RWI Leader

Mrs M Morris

Nursery Teacher & Art Leader

Mrs C Dykes

YR Teacher & Forest School/DT Leader
Mrs H Adams KS1 & English Leader

Miss R Rougvie

Y1 Teacher
Miss G Stupples Y2 Teacher & Computing Leader
Miss Borley Y3/4 & PE Leader
Miss Bartley Y3 Teacher

Mrs S O’Connor

Y4/ Teacher & IPC Leader

Mr B Kirk Y5/6 & PixL Leader
Mr J Gilbert Y5 Teacher
Miss S Wilson Y5 Teacher
Miss F McLening Maternity Leave  

Mrs R Axcell

Y6 Teacher and ScienceLeader
Mrs A Murphy HLTA: Speech & Language  
Mr J Munday Teaching Assistant  

Mrs W Holloway

Teaching Assistant

Miss C Watts Teaching Assistant  

Mrs C Williams

Teaching Assistant


Mrs E Kallmeier

Teaching Assistant


Miss S Parsons

Teaching Assistant


Mrs J Ashworth

Teaching Assistant


Mrs A Baldwin

Teaching Assistant


Ms R Watling

Teaching Assistant


Mrs K Lowe

Teaching Assistant


Mr G Smith

Teaching Assistant

Mrs JL Mannering Teaching Assistant  

Mrs L Garvey

Teaching Assistant


Miss L Courtney

Teaching Assistant


Mrs T Kingston

Pastoral and Behaviour Manager

Mrs M Saddington

Family Liaison Officer


Mrs N Lewis

Business Manager

Mrs A Jolles

Office Administrator

Miss A Clark

Office Admin Assistant


Mr P Kelly

Site Manager


Mr R Miles

Site Assistant


Mrs B Stone



Mrs L Squirrel

Kitchen Staff


Mrs W Coleman

Kitchen Staff


Mrs A Boulton

Midday Meal Supervisor


Mrs C Elliot

Midday Meal Supervisor


Mrs M Lawrance

Midday Meal Supervisor


Mrs S Whale

Midday Meal Supervisor



We are pleased to announce that you can now download our school app - more details under the 'News & Events' page. If it is raining in the mornings, please take Y1 - Y6 children along the side entrance to the hall.