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The Shakespeare Company


We are so excited to be an associate school working with the Royal Shakespeare Company, The Marlowe Theatre and The Canterbury High School.




Exciting news - it has been confirmed that for this year we will be working on a scene from Shakespeare's play 'Julius Caesar'. Once we have worked on developed and polished our scene we will be joining the other schools in the partnership to put on a performance live on stage in The Marlowe Theatre. 


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This year a group of St Gregory’s pupils are working on a scene from Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest”. We were lucky to have Becky from The Canterbury High School come to visit us and run a “Shakespeare Workshop”.


Phil our storyteller also helped us out and encouraged us to really understand the personalities of the characters we were playing....



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After exploring the sights and sounds that a tempest might make we created words and phrases to help us write a description of life on board the ship in “The Tempest”.

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We worked alongside the other schools in the partnership to perform our scene from The Tempest at Lower Leas Coastal Park in Folkestone. What an amazing experience!

On Tuesday 4th July Hannah and Kallie represented St Gregory’s Shakespeare Club and went on a trip to Stratford upon Avon. There they performed alongside ten other primary and secondary schools in Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’.

They have been rehearsing for four weeks at The Marlowe Theatre as part of The Royal Shakespeare Company Associated Schools Project. Their commitment and passion for this project has been amazing.


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