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Statement of Intent

At St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School, we believe that ALL children have the right to grow up to be happy and healthy individuals. We provide opportunities for our children to participate in a range of new and exciting sports and physical activities. We spend our PE and Sport Funding in the following ways to improve PE and sport participation and to enable pupils to develop a healthy, active lifestyle; exposing the children to a wide range of sporting activities and local sports clubs. We ensure access to highly skilled professional coaches that can support children in performing to their individual best. We believe that, through making strong connections with local sporting companies, we encourage our families to participate in activities, and to join sports clubs within their local community, that go beyond the curriculum. We offer some of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged children the opportunity to experience sports/competitive sporting events and activities that they would otherwise not have access to. Our aim is to instill a passion and enthusiasm for sport that will be life-long for our children and their families.  Our hope is that our families and young people will take part in local sports clubs, creating a greater sense of community and sharing through the love of sport and being active. We strive to change attitudes and life styles, in the hope of sustainability in the fight against obesity.

How we spend our PE and Sports Funding...

KCSP Sports Day

KCSP Sports Day 1
KCSP Sports Day 2
KCSP Sports Day 3

Quidditch Day!

Quidditch Day! 1
Quidditch Day! 2
Quidditch Day! 3

Yo Street Football

Yo Street Football 1
Yo Street Football 2
Yo Street Football 3
You can now download our school app - more details under the 'News & Events' page. We are celebrating our 80th birthday on 12th July 2019 - please see our celebration page for more information.