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Our Learning in Walpole Bay

Child Initiated Learning

World Book Day 2020

World Book Day 2020 1
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World Book Day 2020 3
World Book Day 2020 4

As part of our topic "Once Upon a Time" the children's learning has been based around the story of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff". The children have learnt the story of by heart using actions to help them recall it. They then made their own bridges using the large and small bricks and retold the story using puppets.




In the outside area during child initiated learning the children created a brisge that was big enough and strong enough for them to walk over. They then took it in turns to be the different characters and act out the story. 


As part of our topic "All around the World", the children enjoyed a trip to Pizza Express in Whitstable where they learnt how to make their very own pizza.

When exploring China during our topic work, we spoke about Chinese New Year celebrations. The children enjoyed preparing the classroom for Chinese New Year by cleaning the room and decorating it with Chinese lanterns. The children also tasted some traditional Chinese food and created their own Chinese dragons using the transient art resources.


The children listened to the story "The Great Race" and heard how the animals in the story had a race as they all wanted the new year to be named after them. After listening to the story the children created their own animal puppets and headed outside for our own races. 


The children also created their own dragon in the outside area which moved to the music that the children created with the musical instruments. This was a great team effort, making sure everyone moved at the same pace!

This term our topic is "All Around the World". We began our work by looking more closely at the country we live in. The children looked at famous English landmarks and then created their very own afternoon tea with scones and finger sandwiches. 



Christmas Trip to Quex Forest School

During child initiated learning the children practised their maths skills by playing giant snakes and ladders. They rolled the dice and were practising counting the dots 1:1 and then moving their counter the correct number of spaces. The children also had practised their recognition of numbers beyond 20. 


They have also been busy building in the construction area and making labels for their work using their phonics skillls. 


We made firework pictures using pastels. The children explored the sounds that different fireworks make and thought about how we could draw these. 





This term we are looking at festivals, we have been learning about Diwali. As a class we listened to the story of Rama and Sita; the children then created their own puppets of the characters and made a puppet show. The children also enjoyed making Diva lamps and Diwali treats.




We looked at the story "Pumpkin Soup" by Helen Cooper. The children explored the feelings of the characters in the story and we decided that they all needed to take turns. We used our sounds knowledge from phonics to write some shopping lists to make our own soup. The children then used these ingredients to make their own pumpkin soup; making sure that everyone had the opportunity to chop some of the vegetables. 


After the soup was cooked we all tasted the soup to decide if it was the best soup they had ever tasted just like the characters in the story.


The children have also been busy learning to count accurately and we have begun to use numicon. The children worked with a partner to order the numicon and match the numeral cards to it.


After reading the story "The Very Helpful Hedgehog" the children explored apples and thought about words to describe them. They then made marks to describe the apples and explored using the apples to create artwork.




We have begun to learn the sounds that letters make in our Read Write Inc. lessons. The children have been practising writing these letters in the outside area. They have also begun to make and read words using the magnetic letters.



We are learning to take turns and share with our new friends. We have been practising using the resources in the classroom and putting them away when we finish before we go to do something different. 




Term 1 

We have been busy settling into school and learning our new routines. The children have had great fun sharing their chatterboxes with each other. This is a great way for the children to talk about themselves; their likes and dislikes, with new friends. 



Term 6

This term our learning is based around stories written by Julia Donaldson. This week the children went on a trip to Minnis Bay. They had a wonderful time looking for different shells and searching for sea snails just like the one in Julia Donaldson's story "The Snail and the Whale". The children also enjoyed making sandcastles and decorating these with the shells that they had found. The morning was finished off with an ice cream.

Our Trip to Minnis Bay 28.6.19

This week we have based our learning around the story Zog. This book is all about a dragon who goes to school to learn. He doesn't find learning easy but after lots of practise he finds what he is best at. On Friday the children worked in teams to make a suit of armour for the knight in the story. They considered the different materials that they could use and decided to try paper, tissue paper and cardboard. The children then worked in three teams to create a suit of armour. This involved lots of teamwork, communication and problem solving. 

Picture 1
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The children also explored making their own dragons out of reclaimed materials. They used their phonics skills to write labels for their work.



Term 5 - Duckling Experience

In Term 5 the children continued their topic "Great to be Alive!". We had a very special delivery of duck eggs. The children wrote their own set of instructions for how to care for the ducklings and thought about rules to make sure that the ducklings were safe in the classroom.

Picture 1 Watching the eggs; waiting for them to hatch!
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5 Holding a duckling
Picture 6 Going for a swim

Term 4 

We began the term looking at the story of Mr Wolf's Pancakes. The children wrote their own shopping lists and then worked in small groups to make and eat their pancakes. 

We then began our topic "Great to be Alive!". The looked at the story of the Hungry Caterpillar and the children learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly. We were lucky enough to watch our own caterpillars grow and transform into butterflies. We also explored some of the different fruits that the caterpillar ate in the story and created our own fruit kebabs.


We also explored what plants need to grow and the children have had the opportunity to plant some runner beans and watch them grow. They have also taken part in the 100 day potato challenge. In child initiated the children have been applying their reading, writing and maths skills independently.

The children had a fantastic time when we visited Pizza Express in Whitstable. The children became chefs for the morning and learnt how to make a traditional Italian pizza as part of our topic "Foods from around the World". The children had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We were extremely proud of all of them as the staff commented on how well behaved they were.




What a great start to Term 3. This term the children will be learning about "Food from around the World". We began our topic by looking at traditional English food. The children prepared a traditional afternoon tea by baking scones and making finger sandwiches. They then sat down to enjoy the afternoon tea with their friends. The children enjoyed being able to select what they wanted from the cake stand as well as having a cup and saucer to drink their tea or milk out of.



We have had a very busy end to the term with lots of lovely Christmas celebrations. We have been to Forest School where we had the chance to make Christmas decorations using a bow saw and we visited Father Christmas.



The children also worked very hard to learn all of the songs and rhymes for our Early Years nativity. They looked fantastic in their costumes and enjoyed sharing this special time with parents and carers. The children also enjoyed Christmas dinner and our class party.

Pass the parcel smiley

As it was Bonfire night this week we have been busy thinking about fireworks. We have explored the different sounds that they make and have enjoyed making our own fireworks pictures using lots of different art materials. We also wrote some group poems.



This week we have been learning about Diwali. The children listened to the story of Rama and Sita and have made their own Diva lamps using clay and coloured rice. 


This week we have had some fantastic work in our construction site. The children created their own car wash using the crates and bricks. They then rode their bikes through the car wash. 

We looked closely at our tongues and noticed that they had "spots" on them. We learnt that these are called taste buds. We then tasted a range of different foods which were sour, salty, bitter and sweet. We weren't keen on the lemon. 

This week in Reception we began "word time" in our phonics lessons. We listen Fred the frog as he sounds out a word to us and then watch as our grown ups show us the word using the sound cards. We then use magnets to make the word ourselves and then point and sweep to read it. Finally we have a go at writing the words in our books.

 We have been very busy this week. We have enjoyed lots of outdoor learning.


Finley created a road block in the bike area after seeing the road block on Nash Road. He made a sign to tell the bikes that they needed to stop. 


We have also enjoyed exploring portraits using paints and the transient art resources. The children really impressed us with the detail that they used.

Our First Week in Reception

Our First Week in Reception  1
Our First Week in Reception  2
Our First Week in Reception  3
Our First Week in Reception  4
Our First Week in Reception  5
Our First Week in Reception  6
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Our First Week in Reception  9
Our First Week in Reception  10
Our First Week in Reception  11
Our First Week in Reception  12
Our First Week in Reception  13
Our First Week in Reception  14
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