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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

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Our Learning in Reception

What a great start to our first term at St Gregory's!

Read Write Inc. Phonics

We have begun our Read Write Inc. phonics lessons, we are learning a new sound each day and are practising writing these sounds in our phonics books using the formation rhymes. The children have done a great job and are great at practising their letter writing during child initiated play; using pens and paper or writing in the sand or mud.


All About Me

As part of our topic this term the children have been thinking about what makes them special. We talked about how we all look different and the children then painted self portraits. We have also talked about our families; we listened to a story about how all families are different. The children then spoke about the people in their families and drew a picture of the people who live with them.

Exploring in the Classrooms

The children have been familiarising themselves with the two reception classes that they free flow between during child initiated learning. They have explored making models in the creative area, role played in the home corner, played group board games and used the play dough to create some wonderful food.

Exploring the Outside Area

The children have really enjoyed exploring our outside area this week. We have investigated making waterways with the large scale water toys; this took a lot of trial and error as the children had to find a way to stop the water leaking half way down the track. The children have also enjoyed using the gross motor skills resources; we have practised using the stilts, bats and balls, skipping ropes and hoops. Some of the children also enjoyed working as a team to use the large scale construction to make a train; they even included wooden planks as seat belts to ensure that they could all travel safely.

Sharing our Chatterboxes

The children made chatterboxes at home over the summer and brought them into school to share with their new friends. The children took it in turns to talk about the items they had put in their boxes, these were things such as family photos and favourite books and toys. It was wonderful for the children to find out about each other and promoting discussion around the things that we have in common with one another. It was also an opportunity to develop our speaking and listening skills when working in small groups.

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