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Our Learning

Robots are taking over in KS1!

Another busy week in KS1

Exploring our outside area

Exploring our new classrooms

Our Classrooms


Please see the photographs below that show some of the different areas the children can access during continuous provision whilst in Stone Bay and Viking Bay.
Stone Bay's Book Area
Stone Bay's Book Area
Stone Bay's Writing Area
Stone Bay's Maths Area
Stone Bay's Block Area
Stone Bay's Small World Area
Stone Bay's Home Corner
Stone Bay's Home Corner
Stone Bay's Transient Art Area
Stone Bay's Craft Area
Stone Bay's Art Display
Viking Bay's Construction Area
Viking Bay's Book Area
Viking Bay's Writing Area
Viking Bay's Maths Area
Viking Bay's DT Area

Spring 2 Stone Bay Exploring Comparing Numbers and Objects

Today in Year Two we have practised reading different types of scales.  We have measured capacity, length, weight and force.  We have discussed:  M cm mms kgs g  ml L  and even N.  It was fun and we were really good at it too!

Reading Scales in Maths

Spring 2

The Story Machine


Today the children looked at two different typewriters and whilst they were able to say what they are used for they did not know what they were called.  The children were very excited to find out a little bit of history about one of the typewriters.  After reading 'The Story Machine' the children had a go at typing their name.  Ella even wrote her own story on the typewriter with a little help from Mrs Williams.

KS1 Florence Nightingale Workshop


Today the children were visited by Florence Nightingale who shared her experiences of working in the Scutari Hospital during the Crimea War. The children then acted out some of these experiences. The children had the chance to ask and answer questions in role of a nurse or a soldier. The children also learnt about the work of Mary Seacole and why it is so important to also remember her today.

Florence Nightingale Workshop

Still image for this video

World Book Day


After reading the story 'Not a stick' the children in Stone Bay collected their own stick and used their imagination like the character in the book to turn it into something else.  We had sticks turned into boats, a digger, cars, a wand and even a lipstick.  The children followed the pattern in the story to write their own sentences based on their pictures.  Take a look at the children's work.

World Book Day

The children have been learning about  how  we can celebrate with Jesus during Mass on a Sunday just as his disciples did at the Last Supper. They re-enacted Jesus' words at the Last Supper and then how the priest, during  Mass, repeats Jesus' words and everyone comes together to celebrate.

Year 2 have been learning about the Last Supper and Mass.

Having Fun in KS1

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We have been learning all about fractions by cutting clay and fruit into halves and quarters. Our portrait skills are really developing as we have been practising our drawing skills.

Shrove Tuesday Fun


After learning about Shrove Tuesday the children in Stone Bay had a pancake race!  Great fun was had by all!

Spring 1

Home Learning Celebration

Stone Bay Class


Stone Bay have been learning about Florence Nightingale, as part of this some of the children dressed up in a Florence Nightingale costume, hospitals have been built both in the construction area and outside area.

Colour Poems


The children in Stone Bay have been writing colour poems and creating colour collages.  Take a look at their work that is displayed outside the classroom.  It is fantastic to see the children applying their sounds knowledge when spelling unknown words.

Another busy week in Stone Bay


So much learning and fun has taken place this week, a talk about fire safety, learning about doubles and halves, enjoying the new mud kitchen, lots of building in the construction area as well as so much more!

Enquiry Time in Stone Bay


The children have been busy creating their own hospital in the outside area after learning about Florence Nightingale, using the mud kitchen to make medicine and showing their knowledge of number bonds using paper chains.  Another busy week full of learning opportunities!

CSI Day!

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

Coastal Impact Workshop
Year 2 children had a visit from 'Bird Wise East Kent' where we learnt about different types of birds and how we can keep them safe.

Stone Bay Keeping Clean

This week, we explored why it is so important to keep clean. The children learnt about germs through using glitter. The children, shook hands with each other and watched as the 'germs' spread. Then, they washed their hands with cold water first and then compared the impact of washing their hands with warm water. The children also discussed other ways of keeping clean suck as; washing their hair, brushing their teeth and wearing clean clothes. They then made information posters to show their learning and they will be posted around the School.

Autumn 2


In Ks1 this term, we have been learning about how we can look after our oceans and the world by recycling, reusing materials and looking after our beaches. The children also learnt about ocean conservation and aquariums. The children used their knowledge of design and technology to plan, design and make their own aquariums from a shoebox by using a  variety of cutting and joining techniques. 


Autumn 2 

Things I Can Do To Help My World

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After reading the text, Ten Things I Can Do To Help My World, the children composed their own poems about helping our world. Here are some of their ideas.

Our Learning this week, we were visited by Rich Rhythms who lead drumming workshops with KS1 and KS2 children. The children learnt African rhythms, performed as an ensemble and improvised their own to a beat. We were visited by Rich Rhythms who lead drumming workshops with KS1 and KS2 children. The children learnt African rhythms, performed as an ensemble and improvised their own to a beat. We were visited by Rich Rhythms who lead drumming workshops with KS1 and KS2 children. The children learnt African rhythms, performed as an ensemble and improvised their own to a beat.

Another busy week in Stone Bay

The children have been busy jamming with Mr Gilbert, visited the beach as part of our new topic, 'Under the sea' and two members of the class have been awarded their multiplication band for confidently knowing their one x tables.

KS1 Beach Clean

Today we visited Margate beach as part of our topic learning. We used a net to see if we could catch anything from the sea. We then explored our findings, including sea creatures and plants. We went on a scavenger hunt and tried to find the names for what we had found! We ended our trip by taking part in a beach clean to find out how much rubbish is left at the beach and the impact this has.

Outside Area


The children in Stone Bay have been busy this week weeding and maintaining the outside area.

Big Me


As part of ActionAid's Big Me children had the opportunity to dress up as their dream job.

Autumn 1

Exploring the Art of Nature

This term, the children have been inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy, a renowned British artist who works with found natural elements. Goldsworthy is inspired by all aspects of the natural world including twigs, leaves, tree roots and rocks. Next time you're out for a walk, try picking up loose objects that look interesting to you. All you have to do to be inspired by nature is to look around! 

Some of our Learning in Year 2

KS1 workshops with Phil

The children have been having workshops with Phil, where they become aliens and explore their alien voices using specific areas of their mouths to make sounds. This project is all about exploring voice which the children really enjoy! The children use drama through acting as shop keepers and hairdressers, improvising their own alien conversations. The children also play a variety of games with Phil with focus on speaking and listening. 

Year 1 


From making palaces in the construction area, investigating whether materials are waterproof, to being creative in the art area.   Lots of lovely learning opportunities throughout the week.  The children even created an aeroplane in the outside area and then made passports to ensure they could board the plane.  

Forest School

We love using different resources to help us with our counting!

Collaboration and Perseverance

Paper chain challenge

Showing perseverance when problem solving in maths.



Year 1 children have been sorting a range of everyday materials from around the classroom. Year 2 children have been exploring a range of materials and listing words to describe them. 

The Dot

KS1 children have been reading the story 'The Dot' - written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds.

The children have been experimenting with paint making only dots.

The Fantastic Fred Experience


The children enjoyed a fun filled afternoon on Friday when all the KS1 classes had a visit from the NHS 'Fantastic Fred' experience.  The Professor taught the children all the important things to remember for ensuring good mental health - making sensible food choices, getting enough rest, exercise and limiting time on devices.  The children took part in a quiz, they got the opportunity to 'floss' and laughed and enjoyed the interactive show.

Our First Week


The children in Stone Bay have been busy exploring their new classroom.  Take a look for yourself.


Entry Point


Our new topic is about our brains and thinking about how we learn best.  To launch into our topic we had a fun afternoon exploring different activities.  The children 'dissected' jelly brains.  They thought about the different functions of the brain and discussed what a real brain looks and feels like.  Children then put their brains to use by completing puzzles and logic games.  

Welcome to Stone Bay Class


This summer we have been very busy getting our classroom ready for this academic year. As you can see, we have many areas for the children to explore during their Enquiry time. We are excited to welcome the children back to the classroom to explore what Stone Bay class has to offer.


We hope you enjoy looking through the areas.


Mr Gilbert and Mrs Sellwood

Summer 2

Viking Bay's visit to Herne Bay

KS1 visit to Herne Bay beach and Seaside Museum

KS1 having a whale of a time at Margate beach!

Year 1 children have been exploring time by seeing how long it takes them to take part in a range of activities.

Some of our Y1 and Y2 children (and Mr Gilbert Junior) worked really hard and enjoyed a great day working with an author to develop their writing skills.

Art Work inspired by a Bible story

This week Viking Bay read the Bible story about Jesus calming the storm.  The children then produced some paintings in the art studio with Miss Rattigan.  Other children decided during Enquiry time to produce their own pictures. 
Summer 1
As part of our science topic we had some cute baby rabbits visit KS1 this week.
This week in Science we have been exploring our senses. 
Quidditch in Viking Bay

Around the World!

Spring Term

Discovering Dinosaur Eggs!

In KS1 we have been looking at fractions

KS1 have been learning about Baptism.

Transient Art

KS1 children have been investigating how big some dinosaurs were!

Year 1 have been reading the story Handa's Surprise! We have explored the different fruits and animals in the story!

Handa's Surprise

We have been becoming paleontologists to start our new topic! Have a look at what we discovered! 

Dinosaur Dig

Straw Bones!

Children return to school on Thursday 3rd September 2020. Updated advice on Coronavirus from Public Health England can be found at: You can find Mr Wright's amazing video under our Home Learning- School Closures page. You can now download our school app at