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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

'For every future, for every child'

Our Epics

Our Epics


At our core we aim to model our belief that every child deserves a champion who will insist on them becoming the best they can possibly be.  Through our positive words and actions we will demonstrate why we have chosen to be a part of the St Gregory's community.  


  • We will ensure that we have strong knowledge and understanding of the subjects we teach and that this makes a greater impact on children's learning.
  • We will have high expectations of what children should be able to do and what they can achieve. This will be evident through high quality tasks, questioning and books.
  • We will ensure that our teaching delivery focuses on the learner, and not the lesson plan or the activity.
  • We will use effective questioning - guided by Blooms Taxonomy, to ensure we challenge every child.
  • We will use assessment effectively - to help us understand what children know and are able to do.  We will extend that assessment information to plan appropriate learning that closes any gaps swiftly and moves learning on.  Ideally this would be at the point of learning.  Using personalised learning charts will be the tool to ensure we do this at an individual level for every child.
  • We will ensure that we allow time to review previous learning, model responses for the children and give them adequate time to practice and embed skills securely and progressively whilst scaffolding new learning.  We will help children make connections with learning and model the idea that 'practice makes permanent'.
  • We will ensure that we create a classroom environment that is 'constantly demanding more' while affirming children's self-worth.  Our children's successes will be attributed to effort rather than ability.
  • We wll make good use of learning time by coordinating classroom resources and managing the behaviour of our children.
  • Key visuals and models, including vocabulary will be used to support the understanding of abstract concepts and to help children organise their thinking and their work.
  • St Gregory’s high expectations regarding presentation of work and the use of Standard English (both verbally and written) will be evident in all lessons.
Our whole school attendance percentage for week ending 26th May 2023 92.20% The break down in years : Year R - 90.41% Year 1 - 89.98% Year 2 - 91.32% Year 3 - 94.71% Year 4 - 94.18% Year 5 - 93.99% Year 6 - 92.38%