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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

'For every future, for every child'

Our Aims

Our Aims

In pursuit of these aims we will endeavor to:

  • encourage parents to be active partners in their children's education
  • develop lively, enquiring minds fostered by increasingly independent learning
  • instill a desire to learn by setting relevant targets, providing appropriate support and rewarding achievement
  • foster self-reliance and motivation
  • provide a safe and stimulating working environment
  • encourage children to act creatively and with imagination
  • develop an understanding of the past which will help them to live successfully in the present, and to plan intelligently for the future
  • develop the ability to work co-operatively 
  • encourage pupils to value the views of others and to argue dispassionately and rationally
  • be active and live healthy lifestyles
Our whole school attendance percentage for week ending 3rd February 2023 91.71% The break down in years is Year R - 89.78% Year 1 - 89.33% Year 2 - 90.55% Year 3 - 95.25% Year 4 - 93.53% Year 5 - 93.45% Year 6 - 91.90%