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Orchestra Day

On Friday, Mr Gilbert took children from years 3 to 6 on a trip to the Sidney Cooper Gallery in Canterbury to visit the Virtual Orchestra instillation.
They were taken on a guided tour around the gallery, which included over 30 screens projecting a Symphony Orchestra playing the 'The Planets' by Gustav Holst.
The children really enjoyed their day and loved being immersed in music that many had not heard of before. Thet learned about new instruments and even being able to play along on instruments themselves.
The day finished with a Virtual Reality headset experience where the children were able to witness what it is like to sit in-front of a conductor.
What the children said....
"It was an amazing experience. I loved it I would watch it again if I could. It was the best thing I have seen."
"My day was amazing. I play clarinet myself and it has inspired me to train harder."
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