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Collecting your child for the Christmas Fayre

Our Christmas Fayre is tomorrow at 2:30pm. You can collect your children early to take them to the Fayre. Parents will need to sign their child 'out' of the teachers care when collecting.
The arrangements are as follow:
Early Years - from 2:30 please collect from classrooms.
KS1: From 2:30 please collect from the KS1 door - opposite Y6HQ
Whitstable and Westgate Bay: from 3pm please collect from the Whitstable Bay door.
Louisa Bay: from 3pm please collect from the KS2 door.
Sunny Sands and Botany Bay: from 3pm please collect from the Sunny Sands door.
Epple and Pegwell Bay: from 3pm please collect from Y6HQ.
Any children not collected early will remain in their classrooms until the end of the school day with usual collection arrangements.
If you come early to collect your child please be patient with us while we organise this.
Once your child has been collected please make your way through the playground to the outside hall doors to join the Christmas Fayre.
Thank you for your support.
You can now download our school app - more details under the 'News & Events' page.