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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

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Statement of Intent

At St Gregory’s, we believe the purpose of mathematics is not solely to gain classroom based skills, but to develop enquiry, reasoning and inquisitive minds that are transferable through life. Maths is the cornerstone of a prosperous future and our aim is to ensure that all children who leave St Gregory’s are well equipped to be able to convert the skills they have learnt to the path they choose to follow. 

Mathematics is an essential part of a balanced curriculum that is both well matched and challenging to a child’s needs. Our aim is to ensure that all children become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics and should be able to solve problems by the application of their understanding across all areas of the curriculum.

At St Gregory’s we deliver lessons that are creative, engaging and challenging and ensure that our children are able to make rich connections between mathematical ideas and real life situations. We want our children to realise that mathematics has been developed over centuries and has provided the solutions to some of the most pivotal moments in history. We want our children to understand as they progress through the school that maths is essential to everyday life and necessary for financial literacy and most forms of employment but is also a fun and engaging experience as we strongly believe that education must develop every child's personality, talents and abilities to the full (Article 29). 

Maths Overviews

SMSC and British Values in Maths