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Lower Key Stage 2

Week beginning 01.06.2020

Week beginning 20th April 2020

25 Non- screen activities to try at home:

  1. Get doodling! Grab some paper and pens and doodle anything you like! Animals, aliens or something else.
  2. Create your own animal. Could you combine two of your favourites? What will you call it?
  3. Design and draw a new musical instrument. How would you play it and what will it sound like?
  4. Make up your own 5 minute exercise routine. What will you include?
  5. Can you make up your own jokes? Tell them to someone to make them laugh!
  6. Make some jewellery. Use anything you can find around the house. Strips of wrapping paper or rolled up magazines make great beads!
  7. Paper aeroplane challenge! Make a paper aeroplane and see how far you can fly it! Can you make a target and try to aim for it?
  8. Fingerprint art! Use only your fingertips and paint to create a picture.
  9. Make a bookmark to use when you’re reading.
  10. Make some wild art using sticks, leaves, flowers and anything else you can find outdoors.
  11. Quick draw! Set a 1 minute timer, draw a quick doodle and see if the other person can guess what it is before the time is up.
  12. Write a silly sentence that includes all of these words… BANANA, CURTAIN, DOLPHIN, SNOW and BALLOON. Now think of your own words and write some more!
  13. How many different words can you make from the letters in this sentence?… Keeping my brain busy is fun
  14. Ping pong story telling! Write the opening sentence to a story, then someone else writes the next line. Then it’s your turn again! Keep alternating until you have a full story.
  15. Guess the character! Think of a character from a book, write it down so no-one can see. Have others ask you questions to try and guess which character you chose.
  16. Make a finger puppet! Use a paper cone to make a body, then attach a paper head.
  17. Describe the most disgusting meal EVER! What is in it? Spaghetti worms, toenails on toast or something else?
  18. Create a comic strip about an animal who turns into a superhero. Which animal will you choose?
  19. Create a family kindness jar. Every time someone does something kind, write it down and put it in the jar. When the jar is full you all deserve a special treat!
  20. Find a fun place to sit and read a book. Under the bed? Up a tree? Where will you go?
  21. How many words can you think of that rhyme with WRITE?
  22. Write a recipe for ‘Springtime’. What will you include? Flowers? Sunshine? What else?
  23. Use your body to make the shape of a letter. How many more can you make? Can you make every letter in the alphabet?
  24. Play alphabet bingo! Can you spot an item in your home or garden that starts with the letter a,b,c and so on?
  25. Start a diary. Write a short entry every day about what you do and how you feel. It will be good to look back on when you’re older.

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