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Life to the Full (Relationships Education)

In 2020 the statutory requirements for teaching relationship education in schools changed.  This included teaching:


relationship education in primary schools
relationship and sex education in secondary schools
health education in state funded primary and secondary schools


These subjects will support all young people to be happy, healthy and safe - equipping them for life as an adult in British society.


At St Gregory's, our aim is to strengthen the knowledge, skills, and connections to keep children healthy and safe and prepare them for life and work.  


'Life to the Full'  is a  recommended programme of study for Catholic schools for Relationship and Sex Education, and has been written as a progressive scheme of work that supports the Religious Education, PSHE and Science curricula taught within the school.


If you would like to know more about 'Life to the Full' please see the information below.



Life to the Full: Information for parents

Life to the Full Modules


Our whole school attendance percentage for week ending 15th September 2023 94.52% The break down in years : Year R - 95.19% Year 1 - 92.95% Year 2 - 92.55% Year 3 - 92.27% Year 4 - 96.47% Year 5 - 97.71% Year 6 - 97.95%