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Create your own project

Local History

  1. Create a family timeline as far as you can go. How many generations? How many people do you know now? Has anything about your family surprised you?

  2. Research the history of your street/village/town – what is your area famous for? Are there any significant individuals in your area?

  3. Compare and contrast how your local area has changed over time – has it always had the same populations? Have the buildings changed?

  4. Where is your nearest war memorial? Is it small or large? What does that tell you about your area? Do you know of anyone that was involved in any of the wars?

  5. How is history being made right now? How has your local area been affected by the Coronavirus?


Significant Places

Stuck for ideas? Select a significant place to explore here:

  1. Compare one place from one time to another to explore through further discussion and research the differences between aspects of life and change over time.
  2. How have these places changed?
  3. How has this place remained the same?
  4. How did people live there long ago?
  5. What makes this place special or unusual?
  6. Why do we remember this place now?


Significant Individuals

Stuck for ideas? Select a significant individual to explore here:

  1. Draw a social media page for someone in history. What kinds of pictures would they have on? What kinds of statuses would they include? Who would their friends be?

  2. Research significant individuals in your area. What made them significant? Did they impact more than just your area?

  3. Compare two significant individuals – what are their similarities or differences? Who do you think was more significant?

  4. Create a quiz about a significant individual. Make different rounds like a Picture Round or Famous Quotes Round.

  5. Create a book about a significant individual.


 Significant Events

Stuck for ideas? Select a significant event to explore here:

  1. Research any significant events in your local area – what made them significant? Are they still remembered today? Are there any signs of it where you are? Did it affect more than just your area?

  2. Choose an event from history and create a news report about that event. Film yourself sat behind a desk, write a  write a newspaper report about it.

  3. Pick 3 significant events and try to link them together – are there pieces that could link them together? Perhaps it’s location? People involved? When they happened?

  4. Choose an event and write a diary entry as someone who was there. How would they feel? What would they see and hear? Who else would be there with them? What is the tone of the diary entry?

  5. Write an alternate version of an event from history. What would have happened if the Titanic had never sank? What would have happened if Russia landed on the moon first? What would have happened if the Romans hadn’t invaded Britain?

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