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What If Challenges

Pick a challenge and answer it how you wish! We would love you to email us some of your ideas!

Oddizzi Online Geography

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Can you take part in our Nature Challenge? Here are some different outdoor learning ideas that will keep you busy for a while. 

Please follow government advice on going outside and only complete these challenges if you have a safe outside space.


Create a sound map

What to do

Find a place outdoors or where you can hear the outdoors like your garden, doorstep or a safe open window. Mark a cross in the centre of the paper to show where you are. Sit still and listen carefully for a few minutes to all the sounds you can hear, then draw them on the paper to show what they are and where the sound is coming from.

Talk about your map with someone once you’ve finished:


What might you hear?

Listen out for birds, the wind, cars, leaves, aeroplanes and more.


What was your favourite sound?

Which sound did you like the best and why?


Were there any sounds you didn’t know?

What was new and do you know where it came from?


Map your local area

What to do

Using your memory, draw a map of your local area, marking on places and features. Think about your nearest shop, river, school, church or park as well as other places you know well. You can use colour to represent natural features like fields, hills or lakes differently to constructed ones like roads and bridges.


Scavenger Hunt

What to do

In your garden or a safe outdoor space collect as many of the following in your tub/bowl as you can:

• Something wet

• Something noisy

• Something old

• Something heavy

• Something shiny

• Something dry

• Something quiet

• Something new

• Something light

• Something dark

• Something you would like to keep

• Something that can blow in the wind

• Something you have never seen before

• Something that smells nice

• Something beautiful

• Five shades of green


Make something from your finds

With the scavenged items create a sculpture or picture. Can you invent a new species of creature? Or replicate a beautiful landscape you have seen?


Make a weather diary

Create your own weather diary and make a note on the changing weather that is happening. Spring is an exciting season which can see anything from snow to sunbathing weather. What will spring 2020 be like?

You will need:

• Notepad

• Pencil and pens

• Thermometer

• 2ltr plastic bottles

• Scissors

• Compass (usually one on smartphones)


What to do

Decide on a location that you are going to record the weather each day like your garden, balcony or front door step. Make sure you can get to the same place every day and at the same time.

Think about and record the following each day to create a weather diary:


What is the temperature?

What are you and your family wearing? Are you wearing a coat, jumper or a t-shirt? Hold your thermometer out in the air for a minute to see how cold it is.


How strong is the wind?

Look at any trees or bushes you can see? Is your hair blowing in the wind? Look on the Met Office to see what number it is like.


What direction is the wind?

Pick up a piece of grass or tissue paper, throw it in the air above your head which way does it go? Using your compass work out which direction the wind is coming from?


How much rain has fallen?

Using a plastic 2ltr bottle, carefully cut the top off about ¼ of the way down from the top, invert the top in to the bottom of the bottle to make a funnel and add a little water to weigh it down. Mark one centimetre intervals above the water line and you have made a rain gauge to record from.


How many clouds are in the sky?

Look straight up in to the sky divide your view in to 8 how many of the 8 pieces have clouds in. Give it a score out of 8.


What colour are the clouds?

Are they fluffy white clouds or grey clouds? Think about what it might mean the sky is doing by the colour of the clouds?


Sky TV

What to do

Find a comfy spot, sit or lie down to get a good view of the sky, and see what you can see in the clouds. What shapes and stories can you see moving in the sky?


Get creative

• Tell a story to someone in your family based on the pictures in the clouds

• Write or draw about your favourite cloud picture

• Take a photo of a pretty sky to share with your friends


Find out more about clouds

Click here to see the Met Office Cloud website and discover names and types of cloud as well as fun facts.

Games and Quizzes

Apply for a Green badge


Green badges are awarded for sending in letters, pictures and makes that are about or inspired by the environment, conservation or nature.


What do I need to do?

Please tell us about what you have done to help the environment or send us something with an environmental theme to earn your Green badge. You could write us a letter to tell us about something you've done to help the environment, or a poem or story that has been inspired with a green twist. Perhaps you wish to create an artwork or model or idea for helping our planet, animals or nature.


You must include: your full name, your date of birth, your home postal address and postcode (not your school address) and that you are applying for a Green badge

Post it to Blue Peter with the correct stamp on it (you'll need a 'large letter' stamp if sending an A4, or to pay for parcel postage if bigger than a letter). Send your application letter and any other materials to the following address:

Blue Peter



M50 2BH

Alternatively, for a limited time, you can email your application and scanned documents to



Please keep up to date with information by looking at our letters sent home page.