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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

'For every future, for every child'

Forest School

Best Forest School practice centres on an approach to education and a process of learning

v Holistic learning focussing on all areas of development

v Child centred learning based on stage rather than age

v Informal learning environment that stimulates

v Fosters development of ‘softer skills’ and aids in lifelong learning

v Is active and offers opportunities to learn new skills


Forest School differs from other outdoor practice

v A programme of sessions over time

v Lead by a specially trained educational professional

v Uses local woodland environments engendering a sense of ownership

v Children are given time to explore their own learning needs and have opportunities to play in the outdoors.


St Gregory’s Forest School offers -

v An increased adult: child ratio enables relationship building between children and leaders

v Practicing of new practical skills allows peer group relationships to change

v A programme of small achievable tasks enables building of self confidence

v Opportunities for appropriate challenges and risks

v Behaviours that may not be acceptable in the classroom

v Emphasis on team work builds lifelong learning skills

v Topic led exploration of the environment

v Children time to reflect and de-stress



St Gregory’s Forest school are currently using and developing 3 areas of the school grounds.

We are calling these areas-: The Wicked Wildlife Area, The Forbidden Forest and The Fairy Forest.

This term we are offering opportunities to:-

Make fairy bracelets

Create fairy homes

Make fairy pets from mud and clay

Build dens

Learn to tie knots and create a tepee for 2

Discover the flora and fauna of the wild life area

Create pictures from natural materials

Learning new songs

Learning how to stay safe in the environment and around fire

We will finish the term with marshmallows and a campfire

Our whole school attendance percentage for week ending 15th September 2023 94.52% The break down in years : Year R - 95.19% Year 1 - 92.95% Year 2 - 92.55% Year 3 - 92.27% Year 4 - 96.47% Year 5 - 97.71% Year 6 - 97.95%