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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

'For every future, for every child'


What will happen in school?

Staff will:

  • Settle and reassure pupils
  • Spend the week focusing on emotional and physical well-being and team building
  • Show them where they will be working, their play zone, discuss coming in, leaving the site and help them feel as secure as possible
  • Talk through the new style school day
  • Discuss, health and safety, including correct hand and wrist washing for 20 seconds, avoiding touching their face, social distancing, etc. Keep reminding them of the importance of this; show them a handwashing video and demonstrate what social distancing is in an age appropriate way
  • Show them some of the PPE equipment and perspex screens and talk about it in an age appropriate way so they understand why we use it and feel comfortable
  • Practice how to line up safely
  • Talk through behaviour expectations
  • Walk and talk through fire alarm procedures
  • Talk through how to use toilets and sinks e.g. maintaining social distancing as much as possible
  • Discuss using their own resources and what needs to happen if there is sharing of resources
  • Have fun together!


Will timings of the day change?


Yes. This is necessary so we do not have too many pupils and adults moving around the site at one time. The day will be staggered..


All children will remain in school for their full day between their designated start and end times

Parents/carers are not expected to collect their children at other times unless they have a specific appointment and phone the office to inform the school first.


Where will children be dropped off and collected at the beginning and end of the school day?

There will be designated places where pupils will be picked up and collected at the end of the school day.  Parents will not be allowed to wait on the playground and should queue by the gates and then exit (on the main playground) through the car park gate.   Only one adult should do this and we expect parents to socially distance whilst dropping off and collecting their children.


Do parents/carers need to inform the school if their child is going to be absent?

All children are expected to attend school from September.  Any absences need to be reported to the school office as usual.


Will staff be using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?


PPE has been purchased to use if there is a suspected child or adult with COVID 19 or when first aiders have to have very close, sustained contact with bodily fluids. First aiders have been trained in its use.

There are face shields and face coverings for adults available to them as well as portable and fixed Perspex screens around the school.   It will be the choice of the member of staff if they choose to wear PPE.

It is not recommended by the Government that children wear face coverings or masks as this can lead to higher risk due to them touching their face/not using them properly. 


Parents and carers are able to use them on the school site if they wish.


What happens if a child or adult has suspected COVID 19?


We will follow Government guidance regarding this (please see, COVID 19 Guidance for households with possible Coronavirus Infection Guidance on the website for greater detail).

If we are concerned in any way regarding the health of a child or member of staff in regards to COVID 19 symptoms they will be isolated in a designated room with a first aider/leader wearing PPE. The parent/carer will be contacted and asked to collect their child immediately. The staff member will go home and be tested.

As per the guidance, pupils and staff in the bubble will remain in school until the result of the test is known. The child’s parent/carer/member of staff will be asked to ring the school with the test result and remain at home until this time. If the test is positive, all staff and pupils in the pod will immediately go home and self-isolate for 10 days (if they live alone) or for 14 days (for families). If the test result is negative the child/member of staff will return to school.

Schools are not expected to take or ask for regular temperature checks to be completed as this is not always a symptom that a child or adult has if they have COVID 19. However, we have purchased a remote thermometer to be used as needed. If a child or adult’s temperature is at or above 37.8, they have a continuous cough or any other symptom of concern they will be sent home.


Can children use the same toilets and sinks?


Yes, as they will be cleaned regularly throughout the day by site staff and children will be washing their hands regularly too. However, we will remind children regarding social distancing. Soap is available in every toilet and hand sanitiser will be used as is necessary. 


Can pupils work outside or do PE?


Working outside is encouraged as much as possible as it allows pupils to space out.


PE can be taught and we want to encourage the children to be as active as possible. However, games cannot take place that allow close interaction with each other e.g. football or tag. If equipment is used it will be wiped down, before and afterwards and children will wash their hands/use sanitiser before and after playing outside.  


Where will children play?


Each class bubble will be given a dedicated playground zone, or will have a scheduled slot in the playground.


Children will be expected to only play in this area at break and lunchtime. They will not be able to use large play apparatus at this time due to cleaning implications. Children will not be able to bring in play equipment from home.


What happens at break times?


Class bubbles will have their own allocated time for break. At least one member of staff from that bubble will be outside with their children.


Will my child need to bring their own snack for break time?


Yes. There is no free fruit and vegetable scheme or healthy tuck shop available at this time so your child is able to bring in their own fruit or vegetable from home.


Will my child be allowed to use their water bottle?


Yes. This will be kept on their desks and washed (depending on age) and re-filled by staff.

Year R and KS1 have their bottles already in school so do not need to bring a bottle in to school.


What about lunchtimes?


Children will wash their hands before they eat and after they come inside for the afternoon.

Children will eat in the dinner hall in their class bubbles.  Hot meals served from the kitchen will resume in the second full week of term.


Please provide your child with a sunhat as they will be using our school grounds more often than normal and put sun cream on them at the start of the day. If they bring sun cream into school they have to be able to apply this themselves. This will be kept for their own use with their other belongings.


Where do I stand at the end of the school day?

Parents and carers are asked to wait at their child’s allocated exit point . Please arrive at your designated time (not too early or late as we are using a staggered start) and leave the site as quickly as possible. Everyone is expected to keep themselves 2 metres apart from others and stand back away from the building. Your child will be sent out to you.

Please do not crowd together. Only one adult should come onto the school site to collect your child/children. If there is absolutely no other option but to bring siblings, they must be kept by your side at all times.


What about staff/pupils passing in the corridor or staff interacting with children who are not in their pod?


Government guidelines have said that fleeting contact as one person passes another is low risk, but children will not be given the opportunity to stand and chat with children not in their bubble; staff will model this too. Social distancing is something that will be discussed in an age appropriate way with children by staff. If a member of staff needs to talk to a child who is not in their bubble, they will stand back away from the child and gently remind the child to do this too.


What happens about dealing with poor behaviour?


It is extremely important for the health and safety of all children and staff that all children behave properly and follow staff instructions.


If a child continues to misbehave and not follow health and safety expectations then a leader will contact their parents/carers. 

All parents will need to accept our revised Home/School Agreement.  This needs to be discussed with your child before they return to school. 


Do staff mark books?


Children will be given 1/2 books alongside other equipment for their personal use. All written work will be put in this book/these books. Staff will not be expected to mark books but will give verbal feedback to children.


Will there be Breakfast Club, After School Club or Enrichment Clubs?


Yes.  Please see the arrangements on our 'Wrap Around Care' page.


Will we hold Collective Worship?


Collective Worship will be held in classrooms during the school day. 


What about cleaning the classroom and equipment?


We will follow the Government guidance on cleaning. There will be virus killing cleaning spray and blue roll in every classroom/room/office and gloves are also available. Cleaning equipment will be kept out of children’s reach. Equipment will be wiped down as it is used.

Staff will keep each bubble hygienic and children will be encouraged to wipe down their equipment after eating and at the end of the morning and afternoon session.  There will be tissues and special tissue bins in every classroom which will be cleared by cleaning/site staff. Tissues can also be flushed away by the user.

Site staff will continue to clean the shared areas of the school, door handles, taps etc. throughout the day and cleaners will be on site as normal at the end of every day.


Washing hands


Everyone will be expected to sanitise/wash their hands and wrists when they arrive and do this at regular intervals throughout the school day; before eating, after breaks, after sharing equipment and when everyone leaves for home. This will be discussed on a regular basis with children.

Children are able to bring in hand cream/small sanitiser (depending on ability to put this on independently) for their own personal use. This will be kept with the child/in their classroom.


Washing uniform


Wearing school uniform to school is expected, although children do not need to wear ties at this time.  On the days your child has PE, they should wear their PE kit to school.


Fire Alarms/Lock downs


If there is a fire alarm, normal fire procedures will be followed.

Class bubbles will be led to their area on the playground and line up 2 metres apart from each other and 2 metres apart from other bubbles. Staff will practice this with their children.

If the lock down alarm sounds, normal school procedures will be followed, maintaining social distancing as much as possible.


Are parents and carers allowed in the buildings?


Parents and carers are not allowed in the school buildings without prior permission. Contact with leaders, teachers, office and pastoral staff will be via phone or email wherever possible and only one person is allowed in the school lobby at any one time.

The office will not be handling any cash.  Parents and carers need to drop off and collect their children promptly and maintain social distancing while on the school site. If you have to speak to your child’s class teacher, please email them or call the school office to make an appointment to do so.


If my child or I need the toilet while on the school site can we ask to use ones in school?


No – sorry but guidance states this is not allowed for health and safety reasons.


Can Year 6 children bring in mobile phones?


Only if it is absolutely necessary. Y6 children should not bring their mobile phones into school, unless they are walking to and from school on their own.  Should they bring in a phone it is their responsibility and must be kept in their resources pack, switched off, and on their table.  School accepts no liability for loss or damage.


What about normal meetings, concerts, sports days, school trips?


We will not be able to hold any meetings or events on the school site for the foreseeable future.


Where can my child or I go for advice or emotional support?


All the normal avenues of support are available to you. Please ring or email and seek assistance if you need it. There are also a whole range of emotional and mental health support sites and agency contacts on our school website for you and your child to access. Your child is our highest priority and we will do all we can to reassure them and keep them calm, settled and relaxed.  Mrs Mitchell is available for individual support:

Please keep up to date with information by looking at our letters sent home page.