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1. Try researching the Top 5 Dinosaurs - Stegosaurus,  Tyrannosaurus, Diplodocus, Coelyphylis and Tryceratops.  What did they look like?  How big (or small) were they?  Where might they have lived?  What did they eat?  Who might eat them? 

Can you choose your favourite type of dinosaur, find out all you can and then create a model, poster and/or Who am I? riddle.

Challenge: Create a fact file for the Top 5 Dinosaurs!


2. Can you learn the Paleontologist song?


3. Can you create your own dinosaur feet and then practise your dinosaur stomp?

4. DIY dinosaur bones for digging, uncovering, sorting, matching, measuring and counting and general palentogoist play.

Create a range of bone shapes from short to long in 10 different lengths using this salt dough recipe: 

Please only complete this activity if you have the ingredients needed spare at your house already.


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