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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

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Design & Technology

Statement of Intent

At St Gregory's we believe that the broader curriculum provides meaningful contexts for children to develop and apply their learning.  With this in mind we understand how Design and Technology makes a significant contribution to ensuring children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum.


Research suggests that DT is one of primary aged children's favourite subjects. We aim to ensure that learning in DT meets children's needs through creative and motivating projects within a range of contexts.


Through our DT curriculum we aim to use creativity from both teachers and children to deliver successful DT projects. We hope to ensure that children are able to effectively design, make and evaluate functional products with users and purposes in mind.

SMSC and British Values in DT

Our whole school attendance percentage for week ending 26th May 2023 92.20% The break down in years : Year R - 90.41% Year 1 - 89.98% Year 2 - 91.32% Year 3 - 94.71% Year 4 - 94.18% Year 5 - 93.99% Year 6 - 92.38%