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Clue: number 3 is S

Challenge 5

Challenge 3 & 4

Challenge 2

Challenge 1

Henry has cracked the code!

Still image for this video

Can you work out Henry's cryptic message?


Whiskey hotel Yankee  / Delta indigo delta  / Tango hotel echo /  Bravo alpha November alpha November alpha  / Golf oscar  /  tango Oscar   /  Tango hotel echo  / Delta Oscar Charlie tango Oscar Romeo Sierra?


Bravo echo Charlie alpha uniform Sierra echo /  Hotel echo  / Whiskey alpha Sierra November tango   /  Papa echo echo Lima India November golf  /  victor echo Romeo Yankee  /   Whiskey echo Lima Lima!!

Elissia cracking the code!

Can you crack Chantelle's new code?


tango,oscar/ mike,romeo,sierra/ mike,oscar,sierra,sierra/ india/ lima,oscar,victor,echo/yankee,oscar uniform,romeo/ juliet,oscar,kilo,echo/
hotel,echo,romeo,echo/ india,sierra/ oscar,november,echo/
oscar,foxtrot/ mike,india,november,echo/
kilo,november,oscar,charlie,kilo/ kilo,november,oscar,charlie,kilo/ 
whisky,hotel,oscar/ india,sierra/ tango,hotel,echo,romeo,echo
lima,echo,tango,tango,uniform,charlie,echo/ whisky,hotel,oscar/
lima,echo,tango,tango,uniform,charlie,echo/ india,november/ india,tango/ india,sierra/
Charlie,oscar,lima,delta/ oscar,uniform,tango/ hotel,echo,romeo,echo/

Detective Ruby has cracked the code!

Thank you Chloe H for your letter

Some wonderful project work from Chantelle

Dreamland Creator Challenge

Thank you for my letter Chantelle

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