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Burnet News Club

BNC Live: 2nd February 2018

On 2nd February St Gregory’s Burnet News Club joined over 1,000 other children across the UK to take part in BNC Live.


They spend the day discussing issues around migration using live news feeds and interviews with people who have a viewpoint on this subject. Throughout the day they tried to help a fictional character called Robyn decide how she should cast her vote in her first election.


Live streams were posted throughout the day on Burnet News Club’s twitter and St Gregory’s comments were posted.


The children had a fantastic day and showed open-mindedness, challenge and a thirst for seeking facts. Debates took place throughout the day, and although we may not always have agreed on others views, the children listened with respect and understanding that everyone’s ‘voice’ is unique.


After contacting their local MP for Thanet raising concerns about homelessness, St Gregory’s BNC are now looking forward to a visit to the Houses of Parliament in April.

Slippers for Shelter Day - organised by the children in BNC after researching the social housing issue.

Congratulations to the BNC for winning the Haiku competition last week!

We are really pleased to be a part of the Burnet News Club this year. In this club children will discuss topical issues and find the facts relating to an issue before deciding on their own viewpoint.


In the club we will be developing the following skills:

BNC Skills

Our first investigation is on Russia and Rights.

These are some of the concepts we wll be exploring...

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