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Bubbles Closures - Remote Learning

Beginning to record addition problems

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Writing a speech bubble

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In the morning when the children arrive at school they would usually practise writing their name each morning when they arrive at school. We are teaching the children the correct formation of the letters and these can be seen below to help them continue practising at home. You can practise writing your name on paper, by drawing with a stick in the mud or using chalk outside.


Fine Motor Activities 

- Drawing handwriting patterns in a shallow tray of salt/flour/rice

- Practising threading - you could try threading cheerios onto a piece of string to make a necklace.

- Rolling playdough and then creating small balls using just your thumb and first finger.

- Practising using scissors to cut out different kinds of lines. Can you challenge yourself to cut out a zig zag line?

- Squeezing clothes pegs and attaching them around a plastic bowl and then squeezing them to put them back in the bowl. You could time yourself to see how fast you can be.


Rhyme Time

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See if you can join in singing the nursery rhymes with Miss Usmar.

Remote Learning - Reception September 2020

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