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Behaviour Management

Behaviour for Learning

Our expectations

As a School we believe that in order to enable effective teaching and learning to take place, good behaviour in all aspects of School life is essential. We seek to create a caring and learning environment in our School.


All staff will:

· Encourage and acknowledge good behaviour and discipline

· Promote self-esteem by encouraging children to value and respect themselves and others

· Provide a safe environment, free from disruption, violence, bullying and any form of harassment

· Promote early intervention

· Ensure a consistency of response to both positive and negative behaviour

· Encourage a positive relationship with parents and careers, to develop a shared approach that involves them in the implementation of School policy and associate procedure.

· Encourage children to take responsibility for their own behavior


School Aims

· Reflect the Gospel message; ‘Treat others as you would have them treat you’.

· Reflect the principles and aims as outlined in our School Mission Statement

· Be tolerant and understanding with the consideration for the rights, views and property of others.

· Be able to take responsibility for their behaviour and know the consequences of both positive and negative actions.


Class Charters

As part of transition, teachers will have taught children about the RRSA and the UNCRC. All classes should have a class charter that identifies the rights of the child and how they are modelling these rights to be responsible citizens.


To encourage positive behaviours the school promotes:

· Gospel Values

· British Values

· Staff and governors as positive role models

· Staff offering positive guidance to children including plenty of praise and encouragement

· Pastoral team “child check ins” for children who need or would like more regular but informal discussion

· The provision of a curriculum, delivered by a creative staff, designed to stretch and engage each child

· Classroom organisation which facilitates independent working

· The encouragement and appreciation of children who are positive role models

· Collaborative pupil work within classes and across year groups which help to develop good and healthy relationships

· A pupil reward system that involves the weekly distribution of rewards and certificates



Children whose behaviour and learning meets and exceeds the standards expected should always be recognised.  It is our policy to promote positive behaviour models throughout the School.


From September we will be reinstating ‘Star of the Week’ to celebrate a pupil who has gone above and beyond in something during the week.


Zone boards will continue to be used for positive behaviour and every child is expected to be a ‘Great Green Learner’. For exceptional behaviours, we will use ‘Super Silver’ and children will receive a badge and go for a special tea when they reach silver on the zone board.


House points will be replaced with merits. These will be awarded for good learning in school and for home learning. The system will be simpler and bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards are available. For children receiving a platinum award, there will be a special prize.


Merits will be recorded in the new Homework Planner that will be sent home in September. Children will receive their certificate when they have collected enough merits to receive their bronze, silver, gold or platinum award.





You can now download our school app - more details under the 'News & Events' page. We are celebrating our 80th birthday on 12th July 2019 - please see our celebration page for more information.