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Weekly Learning Updates and Photos

Week Ending: Friday 11th May 2018

This week we went to the Spitfire Museum and RAF Manston museum to look at the different planes as part of our transport topic. We had a wonderful time and found out all about the planes that were used in the war.


We wrote about some of the things that we saw when we came back to school. Look at our amazing writing!!!


Week Ending: Friday 4th May 2018


This week we have been busy in the garden. We have planted our runner beans in the flower beds and been looking after the other plants that Mrs Murphy has planted with Gardening Cub.


Week Ending: Friday 27th April 2018

The children have continued to watch the ducklings grow this week and have enjoyed watching them have a swim. Did you know that ducklings aren't waterproof so we have to carefully dry them off before they could go back in their cage.

The children have also been busy learning how to double numbers. At the end of the week the children worked with a partner to make fruit salad. They were given a recipe for one person and had to double this so that there was enough for two people. 

The children also explored Miss Usmar and Mrs Dykes cars as part of their topic "Terrific Transport". The children had a great time exploring the cars and talking about the different controls and parts that made cars go. 

Week Ending: Friday 20th April 2018

We have had a wonderful first week back!! The children had a very special delivery on Monday which has caused lots of excitement in Walpole Bay!

Over the week the children watched the duck eggs very closely waiting for them to hatch. On Wednesday the first egg finally hatched. The children watched in wonder as the first duckling hatched out of its shell.

The other ducklings slowly hatched over the next few days and by Friday we had six little ducklings!!

The children also did lots of other learning this week including learning to half sets of objects. They did very well sharing out the objects fairly, they particularly enjoyed doing this with food on Wednesday. We also began our new topic "Terrific Transport". The children created some beautiful transport artwork which is now on display outside the classroom.

Miley used the transient art resources to make a picture of a bus.

Week Ending: Friday 30th March

This week we enjoyed celebrating Easter; the children enjoyed making chocolate nests and having egg and spoon races. They were able to begin talking about the Easter story and how Jesus did something very special for all of us.


On Thursday the children enjoyed our World Book Day (which had been rearranged due to the snow) We had some fantastic costumes which the children were keen to show off in our cat walk. Well done to Jack who won the best home made costume in Early Years!

Week Ending: Friday 16th March

We had a very special delivery last Friday afternoon; tiny caterpillars which we can watch grow and make cocoons before they emerge as butterflies. 

We have also noticed that some of the beans that we planted at the beginning of term have started to grow their own shoots. The other beans roots are developing and hopefully we will see them start to shoot over the next week.

The daffodils in the classroom have opened up and the children loved coming into school each day to see if a new bud had opened over night.

In child initiated the children have been busy writing their own stories using the sounds that they have learnt in their Read Write Inc sessions. As we have been learning about 3D shapes the children have enjoyed building with the shapes and have been encouraged to talk about the properties of the shapes that they have used. 



In the home corner Keryn was looking after one of the babies. She put its pyjamas on and then read it a bed time story; sounding out the words in the book she had chosen.





Week Ending: Friday 9th March

We have been busy exploring growing; we looked at different fruits and compared the size of the seeds in them. We enjoyed looking at the different seeds with magnifying glasses and talking about the different colours and shapes.In our classroom we are watching some daffodils and tulips start to grow; we are making sure that they are watered and have plenty of sunlight.

Week Ending: Friday 23rd February

We have had a fantastic start to our new topic "Glorious Growing". The children began by thinking about what plants need to help them grow. The children created their own lists of these things using pictures and words. They have worked really hard to recall "special friends" from their phonics lessons to support them in their writing . On Friday the class all planted their own beans; we did this in poly pockets and attached the beans to the windows so that the children can watch as the bean begins to sprout.


This week was also Judaism week; the children listened to a story that is special to Jewish people - The Story of Esther. They listened carefully and thought about how the different people in the story felt and why. They then worked in groups to bake hamantaschen (Jewish cookies). 

We Love Learning!

Week Ending Friday 9th February


This week we learnt about Chinese New Year and tasted some Chinese food. We really liked the spring rolls and prawn crackers. On Thursday we went on a trip to Pizza Express. Whilst we were there we learn how to make pizzas and we all had a go and making our dough into a circle and putting it in our own baking tray. We then added passata and mozzarella cheese. The children then found out about where different foods grow and tasted some other pizza toppings whilst their pizzas cooked.


Week Ending: 2nd February 2018


This week we learnt about Italian foods. The children enjoyed tasting Italian meats, mozzarella, basil and pizzas. They also explored where Italy was on the world map. The children have  baked Italian biscotti which was delicious!


The children can't wait to go on our school trip next week to Pizza Express where they will have the chance to make their own pizza.

Week Ending: 26th January 2018

This week the children have enjoyed learning about foods from Spain. We tasted some traditional Spanish foods and the children learnt to say "me gusta" (I like) and "no me gusta" (I don't like) to tell us what they thought. We also explored where Spain was on the world map and talked about the children's own experiences of when they have been to Spain on holiday. To finish the week off the children made their own Spanish omelettes with Miss Parsons.


In maths we were looking at ordering events and routines. The children had great fun ordering how to brush their teeth, how to make a sandwich and how to make a bowl of cereal. The children were also able to order their school day.



We also began our PE lessons this week. The children amazed us with how well they were able to get themselves changed. They were especially good at persevering with the buttons on their shirts. We practised folding our clothes carefully and placing them in a neat pile so that we didn't lose anything. 



Week Ending: Friday 19th January

This week we explored food from India. The week began with the children learning where India was on a world map. We discussed how India had much hotter weather than England as it was closer to the equator. The children also learnt about Indian customs linked to food and eating. This included that traditionally in India food is eaten with your right hand.


The children explored the different spices used in Indian cuisine and had the opportunity to taste some Indian foods. They enjoyed dipping nann breads and poppadoms into different Indian sauces and chutneys. 


Week Ending:  Friday 12th January 2018

This term our topic is "Food from Around the World". The children began their learning by thinking about their own favourite foods. We talked about our likes and dislikes and how we don't all like the same things. The children enjoyed learning about traditional English afternoon tea. The children wrote their own shopping lists for the ingredients that they would need to bake their own scones. The children enjoyed using the skills that they had learnt in maths this week to weigh out the ingredients carefully. They listened carefully and followed the recipe to bake their delicious scones. On Friday afternoon we enjoyed our very own afternoon tea; eating the scones baked by the children as well as some sandwiches that they also made.


Quex Park Christmas Trip

The children visited Quex Park Forest School as a Christmas treat. Whilst there the children had the opportunity to take part in a range of activities from Christmas wreath making to toasting marshmallows over a camp fire. The children were also extremely lucky and got to meet Father Christmas and tell him what they want for Christmas. The children were extremely well behaved and the rain and wind didn't stop us from having a fantastic day.


December 2017

The children have been busy learning their songs for the nativity and preparing for Christmas. The children have decorated the classroom and made decorations for the hall with their parents on our open afternoon. We have been busy practising our reading and writing in phonics and the children used what they have learnt to write letters to Father Christmas. 


Week Ending 10th November


This week the children finished learning "Set 1 Sounds" in their phonics lessons. They have now been taught 30 sounds and are practising reading and writing simple words using these. The children will now be assessed and placed into smaller phonics groups tailored to meet their needs.


In maths we have learnt about 2D shapes and the children are beginning to be able to describe the properties of 2D shapes; how many sides and corners they have. We have enjoyed making shapes with lolly sticks and playing shape games that involve describing the shapes and getting our friends to work out what the shape is using this information.


Our topic work has focused around bonfire night; the children have learnt why we celebrate Bonfire Night and have enjoyed a range of firework related activities including making edible sparklers.

Week Ending 29.9.17


This week we have been busy continuing to learn the sounds that letters make in our phonics lessons. The children have now learnt to read and write the following sounds m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g and o. Each letter that the children learn in Read Write Inc. Phonics has a corresponding picture to help with their recall and letter formation. E.g. a a apple. To write the letter a we say "round the apple and down the leaf".


Image result for read write inc letters


In maths we have been learning to count sets of objects accurately. The children are really good at recognising the numerals 0 - 9 and have enjoyed using the number fans to find the matching numeral when counting objects. 

Our First Week at School

WE HAVE VACANCIES FOR YR STARTING IN SEPTEMBER. PLEASE CONTACT THE SCHOOL OFFICE FOR MORE INFORMATION. We are pleased to announce that you can now download our school app - more details under the 'News & Events' page. If it is raining in the mornings, please take Y1 - Y6 children along the side entrance to the hall.