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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

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The Arts

Statement of Intent

At St Gregory’s we believe that the role of the Art’s is not just to promote creativity within each and every child; we recognise the power that music, art and drama can have in nurturing  a child’s  self-confidence, individuality and expression of their emotions.


The Art’s are not just seen as discrete lessons but as the building blocks of core subjects. For example: teaching Shakespeare in English through emersion in drama well before putting pen to paper. Because unless you’ve lived it how can you truly write about it?


By offering children a diverse and rich art, drama and music curriculum we know we will be developing children who have the perseverance to keep practicing their craft: kind and caring pupils who can work collaboratively with each other and are not afraid to take on new experiences with confidence in their own ability to try their best.


You will leave St Gregory’s with a diverse knowledge and skill set which will leave you feeling confident. You will know that with any new challenge that arises when leaving our school you will be able to face it head on and confident in your abilities to adapt, create and work with the people around you.

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