We are so excited to be an associate school working with the Royal Shakespeare Company, The Marlowe Theatre and The Canterbury High School. A group of St Gregory’s pupils are working on a scene from Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest”. We were lucky to have Becky from The Canterbury High School come to visit us and run a “Shakespeare Workshop”. We will be performing our scene from the play in April, so look out for more photos and a review of the performance.

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After exploring the sights and sounds that a tempest might make we created words and phrases to help us write a description of life on board the ship in “The Tempest”.

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Not long now until Shakespeare Club perform their act of ‘The Tempest’ at Lees Cliff Coastal Park in Folkestone. We were really pleased that our storyteller Phil worked with us today to help polish our performances!

The children from St Gregory’s gave an amazing performance and had a wonderful day as their introduction to performing Shakespeare.