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RE plays a central and vital part in the life of a Catholic school. It includes learning about scripture and sacraments and throughout their school career, children share experiences of reflection and prayer. We have daily worship and prayers either as a whole school or class/year group/key stage. These include Mass, whole school assemblies and hymn practices.


At St Gregory’s we use the RE syllabus "The Way, the Truth and the Life" published by the Catholic Truth Society. The syllabus, Pupil's and Teacher's Books which make up the series, are based on the Religious Education Curriculum Directory for Catholic Schools published by the Bishops' Conference in 1996, and as such fulfil the requirements of the Bishops' Conference for Religious Education in Catholic Schools.

It is a scripture-based scheme, which develops through the different year groups. It has a very clear, thorough and thoughtful approach to the growing Catholic and non-Catholic child. There are detailed points for discussion, additional activities and a variety of supporting resources.



RE Overview

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