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11.05.18 Angles Investigation Morning

Today, we had a whole morning of investigating, comparing and estimating different types of angles. The class went out onto the field and found different angles, which had been planted around various spaces. Using prior knowledge from Thursday, they were able to classify each acute, obtuse, reflex and right angle.Afterwards, we looked at methods to help us estimate different degrees of angle types. 


It's been a fantastic day of outside learning! 



Acute Angle



The Highway Man - Narrative Poetry and Peter Thorpe Space art.

The Highway Man - Narrative Poetry and Peter Thorpe Space art. 1
The Highway Man - Narrative Poetry and Peter Thorpe Space art. 2
The Highway Man - Narrative Poetry and Peter Thorpe Space art. 3
The Highway Man - Narrative Poetry and Peter Thorpe Space art. 4
The Highway Man - Narrative Poetry and Peter Thorpe Space art. 5
The Highway Man - Narrative Poetry and Peter Thorpe Space art. 6
The Highway Man - Narrative Poetry and Peter Thorpe Space art. 7
The Highway Man - Narrative Poetry and Peter Thorpe Space art. 8
The Highway Man - Narrative Poetry and Peter Thorpe Space art. 9

This week, Louisa Bay classed finished their Narrative poetry unit. The children wrote their own poem in the style of Alfred Noyes (author of The Highwayman). Their original poem are set in a School where a young pupil, who dreads the school corridor, is ambushed by a bully. The children's work is proudly displayed outside our class with Mr Gilbert as the wicked Highwayman.


On Friday afternoons, the children have been designing Space art in the style of Peter Thorpe with Miss Watling. This space art is linked to this terms topic 'Space Explorers.'



Flag American Football

Flag American Football 1
Flag American Football 2
This term, the children will be taking part in Flag American Football in PE. The children will be coached by two professional American footballers each week for the next 6 weeks. This is a non-contact sport where they will learn how to pass, catch and build up their knowledge of the sport.

The Highway Man


This week, we have started our new English unit 'narrative poetry' and the focus of this unit will be on the Alfred Noyes classic The Highway Man. We started the week by investigating pictures of objects taken from the poem. The class had some wonderful ideas about who the Highwayman may be and what he may do. Following this, we analysed the story looking at the key events in the plot. Finishing of this week, we dived head first into the poem and picked it apart looking for all the wonderful poetic devices:metaphors, alliteration, personification and similes. We are all very excited to continue with this and begin writing our own version of this timeless poem. 

The Highway Man

The Highway Man 1
The Highway Man 2
The Highway Man 3
The Highway Man 4
The Highway Man 5
This week, we have made cross curricula links with our topic (building a village) and looking at 3D shapes. The children used cuboid nets to make small buildings. Then, they painted a map for the buildings to be placed on. The result is a fantastic tiny city. We will be continuing to learn about different types of settlements throughout the topic including: hamlets, cities, villages and towns a how Margate town has changed over time.

Using nets to create 3D shapes

Using nets to create 3D shapes 1
Using nets to create 3D shapes 2
Using nets to create 3D shapes 3
Using nets to create 3D shapes 4
Using nets to create 3D shapes 5


Year 5 Irreversible changes trip and baking

As part of our 'making new materials' topic this term we have been studying changes in matter such as; evaporation and dissolving. We took a trip to a local supermarket to purchase ingredients for muffins. The children had to work out the amount of ingredients needed for the year group and work with a budget. 


They then made and baked their muffins and discussed the irreversible changes that occurred with the solid and liquid ingredients. Muffin pictures to follow...




WKB: 29.01.18

This week, we've been continuing our learning of fractions. The children have been representing fractions both mixed and improper on a number line. In English we've been continuing our balanced argument writing and have been researching different demographics views on screen use and the effects on children. 



Representing mixed fractions on a number line.

WKB: 22.01.18

This week, we've started our new topic of balanced arguments. The children took part in a debate about whether they should have to wear a school uniform. We gathered a bank of emotive language and used it within our reasons for or against the issue. It is safe to say the children were very passionate about it. 



WKB: 22.01.18

WKB: 22.01.18 1
WKB: 22.01.18 2

Week beginning the 27.11.17


This week we had our class assembly. Firstly, I'd like to say thank you to all of the parents and carers who attended. As you could see all of the children enjoyed it and had some wonderful facts to share about our topic. If anyone took any photos please feel free to email me them and I will post them on here.



Tuesday 21st November 2017: Upper Key Stage 2 Science Day


Today, the children and staff in Upper Key Stage 2 have been taking part in a day packed full of science experiments. Each class has been divided into smaller groups and have been going to different classes throughout the day to take part in their very own science experiments (photos of which can be found on the Class Pages of: Louisa Bay, Botany Bay, Pegwell Bay and Epple Bay). The children have then been completing different work tasks alongside their experiments to further their understanding of what they have been learning. 

CSI: Investigation day Monday 13th November 2017

On Monday, in English the children were given the task of investigating a crime in the school. A teacher had stolen three tablets from Miss Wilson's class. The suspects included: Mrs Rougvie, Mr Gilbert, Miss Wilson, and Miss Watling. The children dusted evidence for finger prints, took hair, clothing samples and analysed handwriting from the members of staff. The children found enough evidence to convict Miss Wilson of the crime. 



Week 1 Term 2 30.10.17


This week, the children have been writing play scripts and have been developing their knowledge of them through drama. On Monday we spent the lesson using drama to perform a variety of classic tales: Jack and the beanstalk, Lion Witch and the Wardrobe and  Goldilocks and the three bears. This gave the children the opportunity to understand the importance of character directions and expression.

Weather and Climate trip


This week the children have been learning about the weather and climate as part of our Topic lessons. They have been finding out what it means to read and measure certain meteorological activities, such as: cloud coverage, temperature, wind direction. On Tuesday, the children went on a trip to four different locations around Margate in order to measure certain variables in the weather. They visited Hartsdown Park, The Promenade, Margate Sands and finally Dreamland. At each stop, they recorded the wind direction, the amount of cloud coverage, the temperature and also whether or not it was sunny at the time. They also made their own weather reports in front of each setting. 

Here is one news report front he children in front of the Scenic Railway in Dreamland

Still image for this video



Today, the children have been following picture instructions on how to make a pig and a dog using the paper folding technique, origami. The children have been using the picture instructions to make these animals, whilst writing their own worded instructions to accompany their work. They thoroughly enjoyed the task, and through their work were able to show their understanding of the work on imperative verbs, and also how to write an effective set of instructions. 

Potions class takes over English


This week we have been making some potions in English, in conjunction with our Harry Potter theme,  in order to help our learning of what it takes to write good step-by-step instructions. The children have been using a recipe in order to mix together the correct amounts of the ingredients together to make the correct potion. The children have also began to write their own instructions within their written work, making use of imperative verbs in their sentences. 

English Work 'Power 3's'


This week in English, we have been learning about 'power 3's' and how this technique can help to develop our writing by adding more detail to our stories. The children had to write their own examples of 'power 3's' on their whiteboards in pairs or in threes. Some of the children, after completing their work, were able to act out their examples of what they had written to the whole class.   

WE HAVE VACANCIES FOR YR STARTING IN SEPTEMBER. PLEASE CONTACT THE SCHOOL OFFICE FOR MORE INFORMATION. We are pleased to announce that you can now download our school app - more details under the 'News & Events' page. If it is raining in the mornings, please take Y1 - Y6 children along the side entrance to the hall.