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In preparation for the Young Artist Competition, with the theme of 'Our Changing World', we looked at Van Gogh's Starry Night painting. Using pencils rather than paints, the children used the 'impasto' technique to create their own version. However...their versions included a power station pumping out toxic fumes as opposed to a bush blowing in the wind.


As part of our Entry Point for our new topic, Building a Village, Botany Bay class worked in groups to create buildings using lolly sticks and tacky glue. 


They absolutely loved this activity and produced some excellent buildings!



Further to the work on fractions from earlier in the week, the children made something known as 'Bryony's Triangle'. We used a range of strategies to calculate the fraction of one small triangle of the sheet as a whole - not an easy task! Ask your child what the answer was...

Picture 1



This week the children have been learning about fractions. We have investigated what happens when we halve and quarter fractions, using diagrammatic and pictorial representations. We worked out that as we continue to half a piece of paper and note down the fraction, the denominator continues to double. This led us in to multiplying fractions.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3



This week the children have been excited to write their independent descriptive recount. They've used stimuli such as: Harry Potter, Home Alone and a variety of other films and books to plan and produce quality writing.  

Tuesday 21st November 2017: Upper Key Stage 2 Science Day


Today, the children and staff in Upper Key Stage 2 have been taking part in a day packed full of science experiments. Each class has been divided into smaller groups and have been going to different classes throughout the day to take part in their very own science experiments (photos of which can be found on the Class Pages of: Louisa Bay, Botany Bay, Pegwell Bay and Epple Bay). The children have then been completing different work tasks alongside their experiments to further their understanding of what they have been learning. 

CSI: Investigation day Monday 13th November 2017

On Monday, in English the children were given the task of investigating a crime in the school. A teacher had stolen three tablets from Miss Wilson's class. The suspects included: Mrs Rougvie, Mr Gilbert, Miss Wilson, and Miss Watling. The children dusted evidence for finger prints, took hair, clothing samples and analysed handwriting from the members of staff. The children found enough evidence to convict Miss Wilson of the crime. 

Week beginning 6th November 2017


This week was Botany Bay's class assembly. We learned about Remembrance Day and learned the song 'Where Have All the Flowers Gone' to represent this theme.


The children did a thoroughly great job: all spoke confidently and loudly, and read beautifully.


Well done, Botany Bay children!

Week beginning 9th October 2017


This week the children have been learning about the weather and climate as part of our Topic lessons. They have been finding out what it means to read and measure certain meteorological activities, such as: cloud coverage, temperature, wind direction. On Tuesday, the children went on a trip to four different locations around Margate in order to measure certain variables in the weather. They visited Hartsdown Park, The Promenade, Margate Sands and finally Dreamland. At each stop, they recorded the wind direction, the amount of cloud coverage, the temperature and also whether or not it was sunny at the time. They also made their own weather reports in front of each setting. 

Here is one news report from the children in front of Margate Sands

Still image for this video

Week beginning 2nd October 2017.


In literacy this week, Miss Wilson's English group have been learning about instruction writing. Our learning was linked to Harry Potter.


As an introduction to this, we created potions using a range of exciting ingredients such as Infusion of Wormwood, Nightshade, and blood from a bat heart. The children thoroughly enjoyed this activity and have worked very hard on the subsequent learning.



Week beginning the 25th September 2017


This week in literacy we have been completing our Harry Potter stories, working collaboratively through acting and role-play to enhance the children's writing. 


In IPC, we have continued our learning around Weather and Climate to understand more about climate zones and what affects climate. 


We look forward to our trip on Tuesday 10th September into Margate town to create live-action weather reports.


Photos to follow...

Week beginning the 18th September 2017


This week, we have been continuing with our IPC topic: Weather And Climate.

The children have been looking at climate zones, what they are, where they are on a world map and what the weather is like within a specific zone.


Continuing our Bible story studies in RE this week has lead us to the story of Joseph. Forgiveness has been the focus of reflection during the lesson. The children have been debating the question: 'what would the world be like without forgiveness?' and have thought deeply about how important it is to forgive others.


Photos to follow...

Entry Point


For our IPC Entry Point we were recreating the natural sounds of a rain storm using first, our bodies, and then percussion instruments. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and produced some excellent music as a class orchestra.


Photos to follow...

We are pleased to announce that you can now download our school app - more details under the 'News & Events' page. If it is raining in the mornings, please take Y1 - Y6 children along the side entrance to the hall.