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St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

'For every future, for every child'

How we organise teaching

At St Gregory's each class belongs to a team:


EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) includes Nursery and Reception Classes


KS1 (Key Stage 1) includes Year 1 and Y2 Classes


LKS2 (Lower Key Stage 2) includes Year 3 and Year 4 Classes


UKS2 (Upper Key Stage 2) includes Year 5 and Year 6 Classes


Each team has its own leader:

Early Years KS1 LKS2 UKS2
Miss Usmar Mrs Sellwood Mrs Moss Mr Kirk


Lessons may be organised differently depending on the focus of the lesson and the needs of the children. You should expect that your child may be taught at different points in the day by different members of staff across the school. 
You can now download our school app - more details under the 'News & Events' page.