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Home Learning

At St Gregory’s we recognise the significant contribution that home learning provides for children through shared experiences and skills of parents and carers. We believe that through learning at home, children are able to progress in their learning journey more successfully. As a Catholic School, we appreciate the importance of family and the special time families spend together on their hobbies and interests. We also understand that children will have other activities after school and at weekends and therefore in addition to shorter weekly learning tasks, we will ensure that children have a term to work on a project based piece of learning.


Each week your child’s home learning will consist of a weekly spelling list, and a maths activity (this may be linked to Matheletics).  As always, we ask that your child reads daily (for approximately 10 – 20 minutes) and that you share a book with your child or ask them to tell you more about what they are reading. Spellings are also listed on the website.


In addition, we will also send home a family learning project that will last for the term and will be linked to the learning in school. Children can choose from a menu of activities and complete the tasks that excite them the most. We love to see where family members have supported the child with this learning.


The school library and ICT suite will continue to remain open after school for parents and children to access resources.


Please encourage your child to engage with their home learning so that they can see that their learning experience is a partnership between home and school.

Showcase of our children's home learning projects...

WE HAVE VACANCIES FOR YR STARTING IN SEPTEMBER. PLEASE CONTACT THE SCHOOL OFFICE FOR MORE INFORMATION. We are pleased to announce that you can now download our school app - more details under the 'News & Events' page. If it is raining in the mornings, please take Y1 - Y6 children along the side entrance to the hall.