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Statement of Intent

Our History curriculum is designed to support and stimulate children’s natural curiosity and creativity; centred on evidence, facts and imagination. We provide children with direct experiences and give them opportunities to reflect, consolidate and further their learning. Exploring how to reconnect artefacts to their lost past is at the heart of our historical enquiry. Handling historical evidence encourages children to think like historians. A highly motivating sense of mystery is developed through examining, analysing, speculating and discussing who might have owned an object, when it was used and for what. The mystery is still being unravelled as questions are generated and children find themselves acting as historical detectives.
Children will immerse themselves in a range of primary and secondary sources. Carefully picked historical narratives and stories deliver important content as well as develop chronological concepts and time-related language. As children develop this chronological understanding, they are able to enthuse about a period. We make this accessible and exciting through storytelling and children at St Gregory’s become masters in the measurement of time passing.
At St Gregory’s, children learn not just through experiences in the classroom, but also with the use of fieldwork and educational visits to historical sites and museums. We have established a wide range of links within our local community which provide children with learning opportunities around the town they live and the community they are a part of. We aspire for children to become independent learners within history, through their own research and investigations. As they discover and absorb themselves in their own learning; we aim for children to recognise that people of the past are worth our respect and concern, bringing meaning to the learning of history. 
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